Studio Architettura & Ambiente

Architects Flavia de'Rossi and Paule Favre

Sustainable restorations

Over our 30 years of experience in restoration work we have cultivated a profound interest in sustainable architecture. The utilization of traditional materials, natural light, lime, salvaged materials and objects found on construction sites, and vegetation comprise our working “palette,” and we weave into all of our projects a deep respect of the landscape and cultural traditions.


Bioclimatic Mediterranean architecture:

30 years of experience working with old-stone houses has led us to investigate why indoor temperatures never dip considerably in winter and remain cool in summer. To date, energy efficient houses have been built following the Nordic model. In central Italy this model insulates a house in winter but is inefficient in summer, requiring homes to be equipped with air conditioning. For this reason we have worked to develop a bioclimatic mediterranean architecture that combines the comfort of a stone house in summer with that of a well insulated modern home in winter. And we have discovered an amazing material: hempcrete.




the Studio


Studio Archittetura ed Ambiente specializes in restorations and bio-architecture, as can be discovered in Sustainable restorations and Bioclimatic mediterranean architecture. We are deeply committed to utilizing ancient yet very modern materials, hempcrete being a case in point.

We are passionate about our work. Each project is distinct in that each landscape, each location, each setting is distinct. And, of course, all of our clients invest much of themselves in helping to bring to life their dream.


You will find us in the heart of Umbria, its splendiforous emerald countryside surrounded by olive groves and grazing sheep.

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Partners & Co.


Hemp Eco Systems

Hempcrete building materials.



Hempcrete building materials.


Pierluigi Panico

Our trusted engineer. 

Marmista Panetti

Our stonemason. 

Impianti Massimiliano Venturi

Energy systems engineer specializing in accessible energy systems. 


Mastro raphael

Fine Umbrian linen and decorative fabrics.



A beautiful holiday destination in Umbria.


Museo della canapa 

Hemp museum: Sant'Anatolia di Narco, near Perugia, Umbria


Melania Tozzi

Artisan hemp papermkaing



National Association of Sustainable Architecture 

Oscar e Davide Di Tillio

Artisan sound engineers


Fabio di Carlo

Our photographer. 

Villa Campo Verde

A wonderful place to stay in Umbria

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Studio Architettura & Ambiente
Loc. Santa Maria Reggiana n. 12
06049 Spoleto (PG)
Tel. 0743-275400
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